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Our Feature

Magne-Max Capital Management (MMC), a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan, provides an investment advisory services to to affiliate companies based on Big-Data analysis. It was originally founded by the group of academics and financial practitioners to provide innovative investment models to asset management firms. (Please refer to our director’s short bio.) MMC has the following features that makes it unique in the industry.


1. Interdisciplinary academicians and professionals

Magne-Max Capital Management has highly productive researchers in financial economics, applied artificial intelligence and algorithmic theory. We also have practitioners in our team who have more than 20 years of financial market experience. Collaborative effort among these professionals and resources in Yahoo! Japan enable us to provide the state of the art analysis of the financial market to our institutional clients.


2. Influential researchers and ability to implement:

Our affiliated members are recognized as one of the most rigorous researchers in each field at the top-notch research institutions in Japan, which includes National Institute of Informatics, Kyushu University and Hokkaido University. Implementation of the state of the art theory is only possible by the knowledgeable engineers in the respective fields. Our strength is that we recruit engineers with deep knowledge in the relevant academic field and implement strategies through active discussions with practitioners.

3. Track record with public mutual fund

Magne-Max Capital Management advises affiliated asset managers to manage funds. The track record of the public mutual funds is in a public domain.


4. Tailor made investment model for private placement fund

Magne-Max Capital Management provides investment Advise to affiliated companies, specifically designed to meet with the requirements of the end investor.


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