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We believe the way professionals manage financial assets would drastically change in the age of “Big Data”.

While the fundamental theory of asset management remains the same, the effective usage of Big Data will give fund managers the competitive edge to achieve better risk/return trade off. Market is changing fast. Some market players trade in the window of a fraction of a second.

In such an environment, generating alpha based solely on the traditional tool is getting tougher.

As the velocity of data explosion in the web space accelerates, previously unavailable kind of information for financial decision-making has become retrievable.

Combined with high-powered machine and in-house developed algorithm, we analyze the large amount of data and provide fund managers with useful information such as “emotion in the market”.

katsuhiko okada

Magne-Max Capital Management, started by three academics in the field of financial economics, algorithmic research and data-mining research in 2011, is an investment advisory firm registered with Japan FSA. Our collaborative achievements in the interdisciplinary area enable us to provide investment advisory services to our affiliate companies to enable them to manage assets more efficiently.



Katsuhiko Okada
Oct. 2014.

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